Music Recital:Home Edition

We are so proud of you and your amazing talent! You’ve finished your season strong, you’ve gone the distance online with virtual lessons, and you have overcome obstacles you never thought you’d see. We are delighted to present to you, your Music Recital:Home Edition! Enjoy the show! 

Show 1

Please welcome the Stars of our Show:

Paisley G
Stephanie A
Kate G
Sophie O
Anakin S
Kobin W
Bensen W
Liane A
Ainsley S
Hannah M
Kirsten V

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Show 2

Please welcome the Stars of our Show:

Emilio N
Olivia N
Charlie H
Jess E
Noah B
Laney R
Kesler G
Aaron J
Jacob C
Birkley S
Sean C
Jason C

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Show 3

Please welcome the Stars of our Show:

Payton L
Logan P
Kiefer G
Ella G
Jaesa B
Chloe D
Chloe K
Nate H
Erin M
Andrea M
Jisanda B
Stephanie A

Click HERE to watch your recital!

Show 4

Please welcome the Stars of our Show:

Alora T
Kasie J
Obinna A
Lotanna A
Nestor B
Kevin E
Michiko A
Eli S
Frenzy G
Eugene M
Gage S

Click HERE to watch your recital!

Your Music Team


A big round of applause for our amazing team who made all of this happen:

Guitar: Mr Duncan, Miss Natalia
Piano: Miss Anne, Miss Deb, Miss Nancy, Miss Pamela, Miss Sasha, Miss Shanelle
Banjo: Miss Deb
Voice: Miss Anne, Miss Roberta
Ukulele: Miss Deb
Drums: Miss Shanelle
Marimba: Miss Anne

Studio Owner + Director: Miss Christine Slaymaker
Video Production: Miss Tracey McLean

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