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Here are some frequently asked questions designed to assist you in choosing your lessons:


1. At what age should I consider private music lessons for my child?

A child who enjoys going to the piano or indicates a strong interest in music or musical instruments of any kind, is a child you should begin a musical journey with! All children at any age can benefit from an experience in the Performing Arts. For younger students, the group music environment is usually an excellent place to start your journey. When considering private lessons, you may choose to think about fine motor control as well as the maturity and attention span necessary for continued, individual practice. Will the child happily focus for 30 minutes on a series of directed tasks? A child with a strong foundation in movement, vocal development, and listening is more likely to be successful and remain motivated in private lessons when compared to a group lesson environment. At Red Deer Music Lessons, we pride ourselves on developing skills, building self confidence, respect and motivation over a period of time. Our greatest goal is that your child enjoys their musical experience week after week!


2. Can we try out a lesson to see if my child will like it?

If you are unsure whether or not your child will enjoy a specific instrument or private lessons in general, we encourage a 2 month trial period. Starting any new task takes repetition and practice. The learning curve is steep in the first few weeks, therefore, in order to get a clear picture of whether you have made the right choice or not at least 8 consecutive weeks of lessons and practice is advised. We require a commitment of monthly auto withdrawals that are set up for the duration of the season. In the event your child wishes to discontinue lessons earlier than the length of the season, you can do so with ease and auto payments are stopped with one months notice.

3. Does my child have to practise?

Ideally, we suggest that your child practices 5-7 times per week. Any skill needs repetition in order to become proficient and enjoyable. As a beginner, practice sessions may only last 5 minutes, but as a child becomes older and more proficient the practice session length will increase.

4. Do we have to purchase an instrument?

You will need the instrument of choice available at your home in order to allow for proper practice of the skills learnt in private lessons. You may choose to either Rent or Purchase this item from your local music equipment store.  

5. How much do lessons cost?

Private Lessons – 30min – $104.99/month + GST      Semi-Private Lessons – 30min – $78.99/month + GST per student     Small Group Voice Lessons – 30min – $58.00/month + GST 

6. Are there any extra costs?

There is a $55 + GST non-refundable registration fee each year. For Piano Lessons, you will also need to purchase some books from which to practice. How often and how much these books will cost will depend on your proficiency level and how quickly you progress. For example, a beginner piano student will generally need 2 books to begin piano lessons, approximately $15 each – these may be used for up to 9 months. Whereas a more advanced student may need 3-5 different books throughout the course of an 9 month program.

7. Can I sit in on my child’s lesson?

Absolutely! We have an open door policy. If your child is more comfortable for the first few lessons having you in the room then we encourage your participation. In our experience, with some children there are times when it may be more productive to have mom or dad wait in the waiting room.

8. Does my child have to perform in the recitals and concerts?

We do offer a recital where participation is highly encouraged but not required. All levels, from beginner to advanced, are invited to perform. If you are interested in performing, we keep the recital inviting, low-pressure and encouraging. For those who are unsure, it is always a good idea to attend a recital as an audience member, without the pressure of performing, and then make your decision. The recital is held in April – exact date will be posted at the Studio.  

9. What instrument should my child start on?

If your child is showing an interest in a certain instrument it is always a good idea to start on that instrument! Harness their love and get them started on a journey to something they enjoy! 

10. Can my 2 (or more) children have lessons with different teachers at the same time?

We always do our best to make your lessons as convenient for you as possible. Registration for fall lessons begins in late May. The earlier you register for fall lessons the more chance you have of having your pick of times. We are often able to have siblings taking lessons with different teachers at the same time. You may also choose from convenient options to have one child participate in a dance class while the other is in a music lesson.  

11. Can my 2 children share a lesson?
Yes, this is possible. We have some families joining us for semi-private lessons as mother daughter teams, grandpa grandson duos, siblings etc.


12. Do you teach adults?

YES! Absolutely! Adult lessons are available for all instruments. There are specially designed method books for the adult beginner – advanced student on most instruments. These books will get you through the basics quickly and playing familiar songs within a few short lessons. Adults of all ages are welcome in the studio!  

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