Meet Ms. Christine

Miss. Christine Slaymaker – Studio Owner

What are the roles you play in the world? Dance teacher, Pilates Instructor, Wife, Mom, Studio Owner If you could travel anywhere in this world, where would it be? Africa! What have you learned over your lifetime that you’d like to share with the younger generation? Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it! Remember to always dream BIG!! Favourite Quote or Catch Phrase? “Where Everyone’s a Star!” What inspires you? My students, my family, my friends, our teachers and life itself!! I am inspired daily by the people who surround me! Life is good!

Meet Ms. Deb

Deb Alexandre – Guitar & Piano

Music has always been of great importance to Deb.  She began taking lessons in piano at a very young age and eventually took up Guitar lessons as a teen.  Deb has completed her Royal Conservatory Exams in Guitar up to and including the Grade 7 level as well as Grade 10 in Piano RCM and nearly all of the ARCT.  Deb has been teaching music lessons for over 30 years.  Her teaching experience includes all types of music including folk, rhythm, rock, heavy metal, bass guitar and classical guitar! Deb also has experience as a flutist in a Community Band, bass and snare drums in the RCR, pipes, banjo, ukulele and mandolin. “I aspire to teach each and every student to the best of my abilities.  My goal is to give each student the ability to play their instrument as well as instil in them a love of music and the desire to continue learning and growing as an artist”. – Deb Alexandre

Meet Ms. Pamela

Pamela Morasch – Piano

PHOTO ABOVE Created by one of my students
• Degrees — Master of Music, Bachelor of Music (Piano and Literature)
• Diploma — Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Toronto (First Class Honors)
• Certificates — Public Relations; Multi-Media Design
Children (not younger than 5)
Adults (any age)
STYLES Basic Beginner / Modern / Classical
OPTIONAL Festival / Exam Prep (Practical, Theory, History)
RESULTS — Depending on your level of interest and engagement, you can expect to realize some gains
in as little as a few weeks. (For young students), you could see real progress in as little as two months.
FOCUS — First we will look at the mechanics of your playing to ensure your body is working for you
(rather than against you); and then we can work on some techniques, tricks and musical ‘devices’ that
can make your playing (more) Musical and Meaningful. How fast and how much your playing develops
can be measured by your commitment to learning, how consistent you are with lesson attendance, and
how much you play and practice at home between lessons (either on your own, or supervised if
necessary). / Students with a natural gifting tend to want to play regardless, with little prompting.
METHOD — ‘Ask, Answer, Discuss’ — the latest in brain theory. I work to discover what works uniquely
for you. Again — this depends on your level and particular interest. (Why are you here?) After assessing
your feedback, ability and talent (which sometimes takes longer to recognize or emerge), I draw from a
lifetime of learning and experience, using various methods to find things that work for you and ‘colorfully’
enhance your learning experience. For young students — be prepared also to do some work on the
whiteboard (because writing moves your brain into logic and promotes critical thinking and cognitive
REQUIREMENTS — You will need a lesson book (of your own choosing, or purchase one that is
recommended), and a theory book (which makes learning easier (and even fun, for some). KEYBOARD
— Full length or 3 octaves — ‘weighted’ (check the specs or ask for it). PRACTICE — Make a time that
fits into your busy schedule to do this. Beyond exploration, more discipline is required for those who want
to expand their talent(s) and ability. To see significant progress, students are encouraged to practice a
minimum of 2 to 3 times during the week before their next lesson — up to 10 (or 20) minutes, depending
on your level.
FOR YOUNG STUDENTS — Little hands take time to grow and develop strength and motor coordination.
Generally, it can take 1 to 3 years for a young student to gain confidence in this and be able play
comfortably on their own. Workable practice time is 5 minutes, at least one to two times during the week
(so students don’t forget what they learned during their last lesson, and so their next lesson isn’t always
like Lesson 1). This typically requires oversight by a parent. It’s also important that students practice the
piece(s) they way they learned works; otherwise, practice time may not be as productive.
GOALS — (1) Gain an understanding of what music and music-making is about. (2) Learn something that
is entirely DOABLE FOR YOU. (3) Acquire a solid foundation in fundamental technique. (4) Be able to
read music competently so that in the future you can independently play a piece of your own choosing.
(5) Have a basic understanding of chord work. (This requires strong hands and is useful and preferable
for popular music where florid written ‘notation’ is more singer-friendly than keyboard-friendly).


Meet Ms. Shanelle

Shanelle Weserlund – Drums + Group Piano

Ever since Shanelle can remember, there was always music around from singing with her family to taking piano and guitar lessons during school. It wasn’t until she tried percussion that she found her one true music love.  For the past 5 years, Shanelle devoted herself to drums and worked to master as many styles as possible! When Shanelle lived in Calgary, she worked at a music school as the preschool and toddler coordinator and stepped in for piano and guitar teachers.  Shanelle is incredibly happy to join the Dance Magic team and return to teaching while promoting a love and enjoyment of music.

Meet Mr. Jonas

Jonas Widdifield – Voice

  • If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
    New Zealand.  It is the adventure capital of the world.  Also, the place where my favorite films of all time were shot, The Lord of the Rings.

  • What is your favourite quote or catch phrase?
    “Do what you love and the money will come” from the song ‘Don’t Lose Your Love’ by the band Ivan & Ilyosha
  • What have you learned over your lifetime that you’d like to share with the younger generation?
    You are enough.
  • What are the roles you play in the world?
    Son. Brother. Artist. Actor. Creative.
  • What inspires you?
    Creative passion and drive in others.
  • What is your favourite musical or dance performance?
    My Favorite musical is Rent.  Though ask me again in a year, it’s ever changing. 
    Favorite Dance performance is anything by The Tap Dogs.
  • What two things do you value most in life?
    Creativity and Empathy.

Meet Ms. Sasha
Miss Sasha Bulai – Piano Instructor Sasha started to play the piano at 6 years old. After studying music in Ukraine through grade school, she continued her music education at the Belorussian Music College. There Sasha took up trumpet as a hobby, sung in chorus and specialized in piano. She has taken part in music concerts, competitions, festivals and played with orchestra. Before moving to Canada, Sasha worked as a piano instructor and concertmaster in music school. She is looking forward to her venture with Dance Magic and sharing her passion with her students

Meet Mr. Danial

Danial Devost

Growing up in Red Deer, Danial was started into music with piano lessons at the age of 6, and at 11 developed an obsession with the drums. He took every chance to play throughout middle and high school, playing in the school band and jazz band and multiple rock and pop groups. From 2012 to 2013 he performed with psychedelic progressive rock group Law Of Lucid. The following fall he began his time at Macewan University studying music, graduating in 2016 with a music diploma majoring in recording technology. While in his first semester at the University, Danial joined symphonic metal group S?lborn, and with three weeks to learn the drum parts for their debut album, he flew off to Helsinki, Finland to record the album. With S?lborn, Danial has performed around the country and shared the stage with international acts such as Sonata Arctica. He continues to perform extensively with classic rock cover act Playing With Fire and additional metal groups Phantom Divine and Hyloxalus. Danial continues to have a fiery passion for hitting loud things with sticks, and is excited to be able to share his enthusiasm and experiences with the students at Dance Magic

Meet Miss Layla

Layla Harder – Voice

Layla began her musical journey at a very young age. Her mother who is a professional opera singer has been teaching her vocal techniques and harmonies since before she could speak. At age 7 she began playing piano with MYC then moved onto playing Royal Conservatory pieces. She received awards for best musician in band when she was in elementary and middle school. Growing up Layla struggled with a lot of stage fright and now had a passion to help singers, musicians, and pianists to grow in their confidence to help them shine! Layla has also began Worship Leading at Living Stones Church 6 years ago and has loved it ever since. Layla has studied with Prairie College taking “Songwriting and Recording” and has studied with Berklee taking “Teaching Contemporary Voice”. With her experience in singing and performing at multiple different shows, conferences, and events like the Canadian Winter Olympics, Miss Layla would love to work with you and help you grow!